Counting your Carbs - NOT just your sugar!

Counting your Carbs - NOT just your sugar!

At our last meeting, there was a great deal of interest in the new Carbs & Cals WORLD FOODS book commissioned by the 8 NW London CCGs. It shows how important it is to understand the effect of carbohydrates as well as sugars on our blood glucose and how this affects diabetes management.  

The book contains hundreds of photos of South Asian, Caribbean, African and Arabic meals, drinks and ingredients, indicating the effect of these have on our blood glucose (via cubes of sugar) once the food is digested.  

The Carbs & Cals books are available via their website (click on the list below for more info about each one), from the online Diabetes UK Shop or they can be ordered from any bookshop. They are also available as Apps for your smart phone at a slighter cheaper price. They are endorsed by Diabetes UK and are highly recommended!  

The Carbs & Cals book range includes: 

- World Foods

- Carbs and Cals Counter  NB there's also a smaller Pocket Counter of this one, but these DON'T contain the sugar lump graphics!

- Very Low Calorie Recipes and Meals 

- The 5 : 2 Diet Photos 

- Gestational Diabetes 

- Salads

- Soups

- Smoothies