Diabetes and Wellbeing - psychological and emotional challenges

Having diabetes brings with it the challenges of any long term condition and many people find it difficult to manage the emotional and psychological difficulties that may emerge following diagnosis - or even after having it for many years.  

Diabetes and Wellbeing is a book written by London based psychologist, Dr Jen Nash, who has Type 1 diabetes herself and specialises in the care and treatment of psycholigical and emotional problems related to living with the condition.  

The book takes an explicitly CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) approach to motivate people wiht Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in essential self-care tasks.

  • Written in a practical style, for those newly diagnosed with diabetes, individuals managing its challenges for many years, and healthcare  professionals
  • Reveals how the stress of daily diabetes management can affect an individual’s ability to stay motivated and engaged in essential self-care tasks that are vital for good health
  • Presents proven techniques for improving emotional wellbeing
  • First book to take an explicitly CBT approach to diabetes, simultaneously drawing on solution-focused behavioural therapy and mindfulness approaches
  • Fills the gap information of this kind among healthcare professionals and individuals with diabetes

Take a look at her web site, which contains lots of helpful information.