Draft NICE Guidance on diabetes (T1 and T2 for adults)

New guidance on how the NHS plans to help healthcare professionals and patients to manage both main types of diabetes (adults) is now out for s=consultation.  There are some significant changes and patients can comment on these during the consultation period via 'registered stakeholders' e.g. by sending your comments to Diabetes UK and/or JDRF.  The consultation ends on 4 March 2015.  They are weighty tomes, but make very interesting reading indeed if you want to keep up to date with national targets and advice.  Both documents include information about blood sugar targets, the care and support you should receive, dietary management, education recommendations, management of hypos and hypers (low and high blood sugars) - and much more.  Click here for the Type 1 draft guidance and
here for the Type 2 draft guidance.