Harrow Group Members in BALANCE!

Harrow Group Members in BALANCE!

Two members of the Harrow Group have been featured in the latest edition of Diabetes UK's magazine BALANCE.  

Lis Warren and Philippa Cooper won a competition for bloggers to attend the 2017 Diabetes UK Professionals' Conference in Manchester and both wrote about this experience for BALANCE.  In addition Lis, who has been a member of Diabetes UK since 1965,  features as the cover girl and on their web site via this link!  

The theme of this year's conference was 'Sharing knowledge, changing lives'.  A total of five bloggers living with diabetes were invited to attend so that they could share the latest information about research with other patients and clinicians on social media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  

For Philippa, a highlight of the conference was hearing professionals say that diabetes of all types is complicated.  "It was great to see that acknowledged, plus how important getting more people to attend structured education courses like DAFNE and DESMOND is - even if they've been living with the condition for years."  

A highlight for Lis was being deeply moved by some of the presentations. "I was inspired by so many of the speakers and at times overwhelmed by their dedication in helping people like me to live a long and happy life.  A very humbling experience, and one that took me by complete surprise, as I hadn't imagined I'd be so moved by everyone's efforts, dedication and support.

You can follow Philippa and Lis on Twitter: @flippper1 and @liswarren for more musings about living with diabetes.