Harrow hits Evening Standard headlines: Type 2 diabetes risk

The Evening Standard reported on 26 August that residents of Harrow are likely to be the most at risk in all of London for getting Type 2 diabetes, the version of this condition that is related to weight, diet and other lifestyle choices, as well as GENETIC predisposition (see below).  The article makes a stark prediction that in the coming years, a whopping 14% of Harrow's residents will get Type 2 diabetes, which could have a significant effect on local health services.  

The article does not point out that a significant factor affecting this high risk relates to Harrow's demographic make up: we have an ageing population and a significant proportion of residents from the Indian and African subcontinents.  Unfortunately, people of South Asian descent have 6 times the risk of getting Type 2 and those of Afro Carribbean descent, 5 times the risk for genetic reasons.  

Harrow's CCG and it's Heath and Wellbeing Board are in the process of putting together a plan to take part in the Government and Diabetes UK's prevention strategy.  As the risks are so great in this Borough, one hopes they will be successful and the plans will come to fruition!