Healthcare ESSENTIALS for those with Diabetes

Healthcare ESSENTIALS for those with Diabetes

When you have diabetes, you’re entitled to certain checks, tests and services every year to help you get the care you need. 

Whether you’ve been newly diagnosed or not, it’s really helpful to make sure you know what these are so you’re getting the right level of care. 

So, what are the 15 Healthcare Essentials? The full list is below

• Blood glucose test (HbA1c test)
• Blood pressure check

• Cholesterol check (for blood fats)
• Eye screening
• Foot and leg check
• Kidney tests
• Advice on diet
• Emotional and psychological support

• Diabetes education course
• Care from diabetes specialists
• Free flu jab
• Good care if you’re in hospital
• Support with any sexual problems
• Help to stop smoking
• Specialist care if you’re planning to have a baby

You have the right to get all 15 – and they’re free on the NHS.

You can find out more about the 15 Healthcare Essentials here: