National Conference for people with diabetes

A conference that is unlike any other you've attended is due to take place on Saturday 7 March in Nottingham.  The programme is not yet published but it is sure to be a day of talks and activities that will interest all people with diabetes and their families.  See the CBDOC web site for more information - this is the organisation that runs the GB 'diabetics online community' on Facebook, Twitter and the internet.  

The organisers say "Having attended a number of diabetes conferences in the past, we have often been disappointed at the general lack of direct engagement with those with the condition. 

We want to put that right and offer people the opportunity to come along to a conference to discuss, share and learn in a wholly open and supportive environment. 

The #gbdoc has and always will closely guard its autonomy and has maintained that it is essential to remain ‘clean’ from any potential conflicts of interest. The #gbdoc is solely supported by Team Blood Glucose and does not have any affiliation with outside sponsors or indeed other organisations and consequently we believe that we can create the perfect environment for people to be able to talk openly and freely without prejudice. 

The conference will be a one day event. Tickets will be available for sale shortly, so keep checking back. You can also follow the conversation and have your say by following the event on Facebook #gbdoc #tweetmeet PWDConference 2015."

The event will cost £15 for adults - tickets can be purchased online HERE