Need for more and better education

On 5 January, Diabetes UK launched a campaign to improve the quality of care for those with diabetes, to improve access to the structured education that allows people to self manage their condition and avoid complications - and to improve the quality of care for hospital in-patients.  
Their press relaese can be read here.  

All people with diabetes are entiteld to attend a structured education course - ask your GP or hospital consultant for information if you have not yet attended.  It will improve your ability to manage your blood sugars well - and keep you well!  If you attended a long time ago, ask for a refresher as things change very quickly, there are new drugs and improved management techniques continually become available.   

There are different options for different types of diabetes: DAFNE for those with type 1 (there's also a DAFNE insulin pump course), the Xpert programme for those with type 2.  There's also a course you can do from home 'Diabetes Manual Complete' (see previous news item) with telephone support, for those with type 2.  Diabetes UK also has an online course Type 2 Diabetes and Me that you can do from your computer in your own time.