Workshops for people in London with diabetes

Workshops for people in London with diabetes

The NHS London Diabetes Network is excited to announce its forthcoming events: Understanding what matters most to people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes - A call for experts by experience to help shape improvements in diabetes care in London

NHS England (London) encourages you to kindly share this Save the Date with all patients, patient rep groups, service users, and carers or family members.

The events will take place:

Date:  Monday 3 December 2018
Time for *Type 1s*: 9.30 - 12.30 (with lunch included at 12.30)

Time for *Type 2s*: 13.30 – 16.30 (lunch and registration from 12.30pm)
Venue: Holiday Inn, Regents Park, London, W1W 5EE

BOOKING - Type 1 Workshop:

BOOKING - Type 2 Workshop:

London aspires to be the healthiest global city whilst also requiring long term sustainability of the health and care system. This can only be achieved through service transformation. Therefore, a concentrated focus on population healthcare, improving health outcomes will help to prevent ill health, improve quality of care and create a more efficient and joined up health system that meet the needs of all Londoners now and in the future.

The London Diabetes Network has come together with Diabetes UK and Professor Sir Muir Gray’s Oxford Centre for Triple Value Healthcare to support the roll out of a triple value approach to improvement. By triple value, the NHS means:

Personal value: improving the outcomes that matter to an individual for a given investment of resource by the health system and by the individual and their family

Population value: investing resources more wisely within a health system to optimise the outcomes for the given population for which the health system is responsible 

Technical value: optimising resources to get the best possible outcomes for people being treated within a given pathway or process

They want to hear your views and experiences of what good healthcare looks like and what matters most to you by understanding where variation in outcomes and experience of care exist. This will help local health and social care commissioners and providers across prioritise areas for improvement.

Outputs from this session:

  • Experts by experience identified to form part of a local communities of value to support the local NHS to design and deliver local areas for improvement
  • A list of outcomes that matter to people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes captured for agreed areas of improvement
  • Outcomes captured to form part of service specification for use in local contracts and commissioning plans