Prescription charges for people with diabetes

If you qualify for free prescriptions becuase you are under 60, have diabetes and possess a Medical Exemption Certificate, please ensure your certificate is up to date!  They are normally issued for 5 years.   People who treat their diabetes with tablets or insulin are entitled to free prescriptions (and incidentally, everyone with diabetes is entitled to free NHS sight tests). 
Before your certificate expires, you should re-apply via your GP  (ask your pharmacist for form FP92A) or you will be fined £125 for any missed period when you weren't covered.   THIS IS NOW HAPPENING to many people with diabetes and some have been fined twice whilst waiting for their updated certificate!   There is no way of getting out of it if you forget.   The policy document states that ignorance of the rules isn't an excuse - and there doesn't need to have been any intention to defraud.  

Jamie Reed MP has asked people affected by prescription exemption charges or fines to get in touch as he's asking Parliamentary Questions on the issue.   Tweet him: @jreedmp or Email:

The guidance can be viewed here.   Patients have responsibilities towards the NHS as well as rights.   It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that they claim exemption from or remission of NHS charges correctly.   So don't get caught out folks!