Diabetes UK report: Cameron declares support diabetes technology

Following the publication of Diabetes UK's 'state of the nation' report on 14 January, Adrian Sanders (Lib Dem, Torbay, who has type 1 and chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group for diabetes) asked David Cameron the following: "There are over 3 million people with diabetes in this country and today Diabetes UK has published its state of the nation report.  It calls for education to help people prevent type 2 diabetes; education so that people know when to approach their GP with symptoms of type 1 or type 2; and education of people with the condition so that they can self-manage and take pressure off the NHS.  Will the Prime Minister look at the report and act on its findings?"  
The Prime Minister responded: "I will certainly look at this report, because of all the healthcare conditions diabetes is one of the ones where, if we act on it fast, we could have a huge knock on effect on the NHS.  If we look at the cost of things such as amputations and other treatments because people are getting diabetes, we see that we could make an enormous impact. The Hon gentleman raises the issue of people being able to self regulate.  An enormous amount of exciting new technology is coming forward on diabetes, and I want to make sure that that technology is rapidly adopted by the NHS.  
Do read the report and refer to it's recommendations and the PM's response when you are talking with your MP and other election candidates in the coming weeks!  Ask them what THEY plan to do to improve services and ensure all diabetics get access to education and the 15 Healthcare Essentials recommended by Diabetes UK.