Psychological support in Harrow

Psychological support in Harrow

Take a look at this questionnaire - if you score 3 or more, you may benefit from talking therpaies.  

The Harrow group had an interesting discussion in June with a psychologist from Northwick Park Hospital, but sadly the heavy rain made it difficult for many to make it!  Here is some info about services for people who would like some psychological support, either relating to living with diabetes, or just handling difficult feelings about life in general.

Self referral is very easy, you DON’T need to see your GP first, just call 0208 515 5015 and arrange to visit them at the Hospital, or even in your own GP surgery.  Alternatively, you can email or visit their web site CLICK HERE

Here are some of the groups they run, in addition to one to one sessions if needed.  

- Improving sleep

- Improving Self-esteem
- Managing Stress and Worry
- Improving Well-being (for Anxiety and Depression)- they run this group both during the day and evening

For people with Long Term Conditions lke diabetes, groups looking at:
- Mindfulness and Acceptance approach to Long-term Conditions

- Pain Management.

Do give them a call if you'd like to talk. Take a look at this questionnaire to see how you get on - if you score 3 or more you may benefit from talking therpaies.