Researchers need your help!

People with Type 1 diabetes can learn a great deal from taking part in clinical trials funded by JDRF.  Researchers are carrying out projects all around the world funded by JDRF, which is one of the world's largest supporters of Type 1 research.  They are reliant on people volunteering their time to help test ideas and make new discoveries. 

Researchers work with people of different ages and backgrounds and sometimes they look for a specific medical history.  They also need people who do not even have Type 1 diabetes, so you could get your friends and relatives involved too!  

Follow this link to the JDRF web site to learn about current trials that need volunteers.  The list of projects is regularly updated and there is always a good selection of trials taking place.   (Fares and expenses are normally paid, but contact each project you're interested in to check details.)

Research projects for people with Type 2 diabetes are often 'advertised' in the Diabetes UK's magazine 'Balance', which you receive free of charge when you become a member of Diabetes UK.