Self Management Education in Harrow

Self Management Education in Harrow

All people with diabetes should attend self-management training or structured education courses - or work through an online equivalent if that’s preferred.  This should happen shortly after diagnosis. 

It is your doctor or nurse’s responsibility to refer you to such courses but if this doesn’t happen, this list will help you get the necessary training to learn about living healthily with diabetes and importantly, how to manage it yourself.  Attending a group course in known to be particularly helpful as you can meet others, chat about things informally and learn from each other.  

Skills should be reviewed and updated annually, as your treatment changes or as new management approaches, treatments and new technology is introduced.

1.  DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating)

A course for adults that provides the skills to estimate the carbohydrate in each meal and to inject the right dose of insulin.  It’s a 5-day course (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with a follow-up session around 8 weeks later. The programme is normally taught to groups of 6-8 participants under the supervision of DAFNE-trained Educators, usually a diabetes specialist nurse and/or a dietician.  Between session you practise the skills of carbohydrate estimation and insulin adjustment.  Most of the training is built around group work, sharing and comparing experiences with other participants. However, there are also opportunities for one to one discussions. 

Course dates at Central Middx Hospital19-23 June 2017; 10-14 July 2017; 14-18 Aug 2017; 16-20 Oct 2017; 4-8 Dec 2017.    

Contact:   Joy Wilson 020 8453 2513

2.  X-PERT Course for those with Type 2 diabetes 

A six-week group education programme for anyone with Type 2 diabetes covering:   

  • Week 1 – What is Diabetes?
  • Week 2 – Weight Management
  • Week 3 – Carbohydrate Awareness
  • Week 4 – Food labelling
  • Week 5 – Possible complications of Diabetes
  • Week 6 – ‘Are you an X-PERT’ game

In Harrow you can attend a short taster session to find out about the course before starting the 6 week programme.  It’s suitable for anyone, newly diagnosed as well as those who have had type 2 diabetes for a while but want to learn more.  If you take insulin, there’s different version of this same course - ask your GP for information as it’s not currently available in Harrow.  You cannot self-refer for this course, so ask your GP or nurse for information. 

Taster sessions (in central Harrow):  6 June; 4 July; 2 Aug; 5 Sept; 3 Oct; 7 Nov; 5 Dec 2017. 

Course dates (in central Harrow):  21 June; 8 November 2017

Contact:   GP, Practice Nurse, community-based diabetes nurse 

3.  Diabetes Manual Acomplete Course for those with Type 2 diabetes

This is a manual to work through at home with email or telephone support from a diabetes nurse.  The programme materials are yours to keep when you’ve completed the programme, so you can look at them when you need to boost your knowledge or need motivation.  Here is a link to the information.  The course covers much of the information listed above for the X-PERT course.   You can get some samples of the course information on the web site free of charge.  

Course dates:  On-going (start as soon as convenient for you)

Contact: or call 07885 499943 (office hours) to join this course.  Documents can be sent by email or post. 


Harrow CCG is producing some information videos on diabetes and pre-diabetes in English, Gujarati and Tamil.  These will be released shortly and a link will be posted on this web site.